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Tip 1Make a Custom Paper Size in your Printer Properties
Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize most pre-scored inkjet note cards, you’ll have to characterize a custom paper size to your printer. Epson, Canon, and HP printers all have this component. The trap is to dependably characterize paper sizes the same way. Set the width to the littler measurement of your paper and the length or stature will dependably be the more extended measurement of your sheet. After that you just need to change the introduction catch contingent upon how you’re greeting card is laid out.


Tip 2 Use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements for best results
We endorse Photoshop or Photoshop Elements as your best decision for greeting card arrangement and printing. The ventures offer the most flexibility to the extent design size, photo and substance course of action, furthermore shading organization. Notwithstanding the way that Photoshop is an unreasonable project, the Elements structure is exceptionally sensible and offers most of the decisions you require.
Tip 3
Choose on the off chance that you need to print photographs on the outside AND within your card before you purchase your paper.

Not all inkjet printable card stock is designed for photograph printing on both sides. Choose early on your design then make your paper buy. In the event that you need photographs on both sides of the paper search for item that is called twofold sided and C2S.

Tip 4 Sustain just a couple card sheets at once.

Most inkjet printers are not so much designed to take extensive piles of card stock and sustain them reliably. Be tender with your machine and just put 5-10 sheets in the paper plate at one time. With additional substantial papers, or artistic work cotton media, you may need to nourish them each one in turn. Some experimentation might be important.

name card singapore

Tip 5 Clean your feed rollers!
It is basic to keep the feed system of your printer spotless and free of inkjet covering and paper trash, which are key elements in paper misfeed.


Tip 6 At the point when printing the outside of your card, ensure the photograph side turns out first
Set your format to that when you click print, the printer prints the photograph side of the outside of your card first. This implies the outside back of your name card Singapore will leave the printer last. This is useful in avoiding head strikes which can prompt dark smircesh on the edge of thick media.


Increasingly, all around the world  people and companies are using  business cards as marketing tool for attracting potential clients.  Business cards reflect  values, skills and abilities of the brand  or person who own them .

Currently  more people  and companies  are flirting  with the idea of using  business cards as a marketing technique to build a corporative image or to improve it.
The costs of name  cards production  are low, while the benefits are higher. One of the main benefits  is the fact that name cards highlight  services of a  company or people’s  skills.Though is common to find people that  prefer to use billboard advertising,  and they underestimate  the huge power of business cards. Business cards break  bounds that other marketing tools do not.  For example, At a trip, you could attract clients  you are  cautious  and have some business cards with you to share, beacuse if we share information mouth to  mouth  it could be forgotten. Also,   it is impossible to hold a billboard during a whole trip.
Your business card must represent as much as it can who you are, beacuse it will be the  only element  that will be remembered the most in the future. when business cars do  not represent  your company and yourself, you could  have a negative impact on your sells.Taking this into  consideration,  it is important to choose the best design  and the best print company.  It also needs  to have written on: the  telephone number of the company,  e-mail , addres, the area  the  company is able to cover up, and of course, the services that are offered.
It is not necessary to  have everthing of the last mentioned elements, but that is what you should figure out with your  designer and your print company in order to achieve the best results.